Case Study

Problem- Today, it is a well known Dairy brand. The main challenge for Govind was brand positioning and building an affinity towards the brand while its competitors had their own shares in the market; the positioning for Govind was still unclear and uncertain.

Who says Happiness can’t be made?
Govind, the Happy Makers-
The idea is simplistic yet beautiful- Making both the consumer and the farmer happy! The birth of Govind as a brand was to help farmers staying in a drought stricken area which was making their livelihood difficult. With brand Govind, they would sell the dairy produce and this helped them to sustain. We wanted to bring out this “goodness” feel in our products and the brand as a whole!

Keeping in mind he main decision maker and the target audience which would be Urban family women, we wanted to position the brand such that it not only induces the first few impulse purchases but also delivers a positive WOM with a realisation of how they are

“doing good” for the society and the farmers. After sessions of brainstorming and jamming, the idea for “The Happy Makers” was derived upon which has been very well received by the client, the market and the consumers.

A number of products were re-packaged in attractive avatars and shot by the best in the industry for food photography- Saba Gaziyani!

In the communication, it had been emphasized that the milk or dairy products brought to you were from “happy cows” that are fed organic fodder and the milking is done with a very natural process. However it does involve modern techniques for quality checks and packaging ensuring your child gets the healthiest and tastiest glass of milk!

The brand took off with a storm aided by television commercials, newspaper ads, Hoardings, bus shelter hoardings, social media channels and today we are glad and take pride in the way the brand has grown after the positioning and initial promotions!