Kolte patil


Case Study

Problem- Launching a new tower in an existing township which is considered away from the city. After detailed market research, we found that we had to address to 3 major problems which the residents of that area face-

1 Distance from the rest of the city.
2 Lesser appreciation value
3 Water problems in the area

Product background- Kolte Patil’s Ivy Estate, Wagholi’s biggest township project was launched in 2009 and Ivy Nia was its last leg of apartments with 11 towers of 11 floors each and 60 shops at the entrance. The flats are 1 and 2 BHK budget properties. It is the only project in Wagholi to have a dedicated line of water supply.

We decided to directly address the problems laid out by the residents of that area directly and took 3 interesting routes of communication to do the same. We wanted to make sure that it reaches our target audience and the message is not layered but clear.

With Pune being a growing cosmopolitan city, we focussed on introducing 3 different characters for each problem and their solution.

Teasers were launched keeping the audience inquisitive, followed by revealers in 10 days which was a great success!

A young Punjabi man- thinking about good connectivity at affordable price- Solved with the new upcoming roads- delighted with Ivy Nia

A Marathi homemaker- thinking about water and other convenience at affordable price- Solved with dedicated line of water supply- delighted with Ivy Nia

A Gujarati old investor- thinking about good investment opportunity at affordable price- solved with Growing market in Wagholi area- delighted with Ivy Nia

The Ads were very well received and we got a record breaking booking of 300 flats in the next 30days!