Case Study

Paradigm Plus has been Piaggio India's advertising partner for almost 7 years now. An association like this can only happen when there's immense trust from both parties.

Piaggio Apé plays a very important role in keeping the economy moving - from material to people - Piaggio has the widest range in last mile transportation. But when PVPL had to launch their new campaign for the brand, we decided to go on ground and understand the lives of Apé drivers / customers.

After talking to hundreds of them and seeing a day in their lives, we realised that Apé drivers did not feel valued - for the only reason that the society does not understand their importance - and they do not get the treatment they deserve. After an extensive market research and hundreds of such conversations later - we realised that these people are an indispensable part of the system - who deserve all the love and respect possible.
Without them, the economy, the nation will possibly come to a standstill and this must be communicated to the world.
That's when we arrived at "Apé chalta hai, toh desh chalta hai" and that's been the brand's positioning ever since.