Ranka Jewellers


Problem: With a number of brands in the industry, Ranka Jewellers wants to make sure that it increases its market share with the rising competition with a number of upcoming local brands and the different sub brands of established national brands and be in the top 3 brands in the Pune market.

We came with a solution of reinventing the image of Ranka Jewellers as a traditional and trusted brand to “constantly re-inventing” thus coining the tag as “Har Pal Naya” From the brand point of view, we believe that there is a certain beauty to newness that we shall own as a brand. Be it designs, jewellery or services built around the needs and desires of the customers. This captures the essence of re-inventing that is inherent to the brand. From the consumer’s point of view, while it recognizes and stokes their desire to try, wear and choose something new in jewellery, it also celebrates the human penchant for wanting/feeling new. After all, every moment in time is a new one.

Har Pal Naya has been an extremely successful campaign with different additions to it based on the product showcased or the occasion when we are releasing the Ads. From a simple “Har Pal Beautiful, Har Pal Naya” to an occasional “Har Pal Shubh, Har Pal Naya”, we used a range of tags to signify the various category of jewellery for all segments of customers.

We also managed to get attention of the young and new jewellery buyers looking for rather lighter and budget jewellery options. The perfect integration of campaigns along with contests on Social media and optimum advertisement across the city through different mediums, we definitely made sure that we are “constantly re-inventing” our advertisement styles for Ranka Jewellers, just how we claim the brand is fresh and Har Pal Naya!